Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ideal Protein Alternative Products

It's time to switch it up!  I've decided to try Ideal Protein alternative products, both for savings, convenience and variety.  I am still following the Ideal Protein Phase I protocol, but replacing the purchased products with some alternative.

The first step was to determine which products to use!  It's not easy, but definitely worth it.  If you're considering alternative products, let me guide you with what I've found out.  I will post reviews of these new products!

From a few different sources, this is what I've decided to use as guidelines for alternatives:

I've printed this chart and have it in my wallet at all times!  I've mostly been ordering online, but I've found some products at local grocery and drugstores too.

A few tips:
  • Net carbs are calculated using total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols
  • Restricted is allowed once per day
  • Super restricted is allowed once per week
  • Multiply fat calories by 3 to see if you are under 30%
  • There are 9 calories in a gram of fat (if the fat calories are not indicated)

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