Friday, 31 July 2015

Review of the Proti Snax Toast Parisien

The promise of a piece of French bread when you are on a low carb diet is what drew me to the Proti Snax Toast Parisien.  I like to make soup out of my veggies (try the Golden Goddess Soup, it's amazing!), so was looking forward to French toast to dip into the soup.

The package comes with 7 small pieces of toast, so a fairly generous portion.  I tried the first bite of the toast without dipping it into the soup  It is definitely crunchy!  A bit of a chalky taste, but not bad.  I tried dipping into the soup, and the toast was almost instantly soggy, which wasn't unexpected.  But again, the chalky taste kept coming through.  I think this is because the toast is quite dry.  A bit of butter, peanut butter, or jam would have been great with it!  I might have to buy some Walden Farms jam to try that out!


Calories: 110 calories
Protein: 15 grams
Net Carbs: 5 grams
Fat: 2.5 grams (20 calories)

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