Friday, 23 August 2013

My Daily Breakfast

My daily breakfast is made up of two items:
  • black coffee
  • Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink (RTD)
I deviate once in a while, mostly on weekends.  But every weekday, I get up, make my Keurig Coffee (usually Starbucks House Blend), sit down on the couch, put on Canada AM, and drink my coffee and IP Chocolate Drink.

I have tried the Vanilla RTD, Mango Drink, Cappuccino drink, Chocolate pudding blended with ice cubes, Orange drink, and many others.  While I enjoy all of those, I revert back to the Chocolate Drink.

I took a break from IP this summer, and I craved that drink.  I love how it is thick and creamy, but not too thick.  I getting my chocolate fix.  I drink it to the last drop, everyday, squeezing the box while trying to get the last few drops with the straw.

When filling in my Ideal Protein order sheet every week, I always glance at the other breakfast items.  I think about whether or not I should try something different.  I wonder if I will get tired of the same exact thing everyday.  Then, I fill in the number 7 next to the Chocolate Drink!!

I love my morning routine.  It's ok that it's repetitive and not very exciting.  I love not making decisions at that time of day.  I love my Chocolate Drink!

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