Monday, 19 August 2013

Review of the Chocolate Orange Popsicle Recipe


Chocolate Orange Popsicle Recipe

Add one package of Ideal Protein milk chocolate pudding mix, on package of Ideal Protein orange drink, and approximately 10 oz of water to the shaker.  Shake well, then pour into popsicle molds.


I had visions of chocolate orange creamsicles.  I had thought of creamy pudding pops.  I had dreams of a Christmas time chocolate orange.  I had hopes of a cold, refreshing summer treat.  Unfortunately, these popsicles were none of these.
These popsicles left an aftertaste.  I could barely taste any orange.  They were not creamy.  They were tasteless.  They even sort of separated at the bottom.  I LOVE chocolate, but I did not love these popsicles.  The only positive thing is that they were still a refreshing treat on a hot sunny day.  And it made a lot of popsicles!
They weren't terrible.  They just weren't what I expected.  It's all about expectations, isn't it??
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