Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Favorite Restricted IP Items

My favorite part of the Ideal Protein plan is the fact that I get to eat wonderful restricted items!  Whether I am craving chocolate, something tangy and crunchy, or something sweet, the restricted items help me with those cravings.

I haven't had very many of the bars, so my favorite are the wafers, soy puffs, and 'chips'.

In order, here are my favorites:

  1. Soy Puffs - Chocolate - these are delicious, tasty, can be eaten anywhere, and give me my chocolate fix.
  2. Strawberry Wafers - these are so light and crispy, a hint of chocolate, a hint of strawberry, all in these two BIG wafers.  These are a true treat!
  3. Southwest Cheese Curls - the bag is huge, the curls are spicy and crunchy, a perfect treat when others are having chips or popcorn.
  4. Soy Puffs - Peanut - these crunchy balls taste like peanut butter, and are fantastic mixed with the chocolate soy puffs:  Reese's Pieces!
  5. Orange Wafers - Similar to the strawberry wafers, these two large cookies are very sweet and satisfying.
  6. Ridges - White Cheddar - These 'chips' are nice when I am craving cheese.  They are crispy and tasty, however, my coach has mentioned that very few of her clients enjoy them.
  7. Soy Puffs - Apple Cinnamon - Not thinking that this is something that I would enjoy, I was convinced to try these.  They are amazing!  Sweet, yet the cinnamon adds a wonderful flavour.  The only negative is that the kids want to eat them all!
  8. Ridges - Sea Salt and Vinegar - These really remind me of salt and vinegar chips, without the grease!  They are nice and crunchy, but stick to my back teeth a bit.
  9. Dill Pickle Zippers - These were in my top 5 for the first few months, but then I started eating more pickles!  So I eat these occasionally, and prefer the other ridges.

So, what other restricted treats are not my favorites?  The soy nuts.  I have only tried them once or twice, but I found them small and not very satisfying.  I would much prefer having the zippers or ridges, given the choice.  I also tried the Vanilla Crispy Square once, and did not enjoy it.  I found it dry and flavourless.  Not a repeat for me.

I've also never tried the Ridges - BBQ, and I'm not sure why!  I will try them soon and let you know what I think.

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